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We love the idea of personalisation; we aren't all the same, so why wear the same? Mix it up a little. Show us your style.

Original Allure aims to provide you with a unique experience while shopping with us. When you require an item to be customised from a Louis Vuitton jacket to a Hermes bag, we work with professional artists to achieve exactly what you want.


Have you been looking for a specific ring or chain you can't find anywhere? We are here to help. Original Allure can source anything and everything from diamonds to custom made jewellery - We collaborate with the best jewellers around.

Contact Us with a drawing / Photo of the item & your budget. We will require a deposit on the item before we start work.


We work with a London based company of whom source luxury vintage eyewear. Custom frames handcrafted with lenses dipped by hand. From deadstock Cartier to Versace & Chanel.

Contact Us with the product you are looking for & your budget. We are here to help.