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Article: Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting Small Businesses

People's hope dropped when COVID-19 swept worldwide in 2020, destroying people's lifestyle, health, and businesses. As 2021 continues, the pandemic worsens in which "small businesses" are evident to suffer brutally. This article will be an insight into "why you should support small businesses", and "how they help".


Why should you support small businesses?

Strength of contact and community:

As small businesses are local, it should be evident that their relationship with the community is one of strength and support- however, that isn't the case. The likes of many multi-national businesses such as Amazon have dominated sales and have captured the audience's attention through the likes of online delivery etc. The lack of attention paid to small businesses internally damages them as most are "sole traders". Lack of support could potentially cause a business to deprive and come to end. The support given by the community will boost businesses familiarity with everyone and boost their chances of offering something unique to each one of their customers.

The hard work behind the business:

Most small businesses consist of "sole traders" which emphasises the toughness to make a business grow and the work that must be put into it for it to be able to grow. Small businesses consist of owners who provide a "reflection" of themselves, as Forbes stated. Small businesses also provide the best authenticity and communication as their level isn't as high, so communication is at ease and there is a sense of passion and love in the work they do for customers. In conclusion, support should be shown to small businesses as an appreciation of the work they have put in.

Job Opportunities:

Small businesses can aid the economy and job flow. In a digital age such as this; tons of people apply for jobs using platforms such as "Indeed", "Get my first Job" etc. There is no doubt that it's very hard being able to obtain a job through online applications, but here's where small businesses play a vital role. Not only do they encourage entrepreneurs but also encourage people to work and to boost the economy.

Adding vibrancy and character:

A town or city can be made vibrant by its characteristics and its people for example London. London is known for its rich heritage, lights and extravagance. Furthermore, a variety of small businesses specialising in different sectors may have a lot to offer, such as bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants etc. Each business provides something different which can totally change how people feel about certain factors; hence giving their town/city some liveliness.

Healthy Environment:

Small businesses aren't global, their sole purpose is to provide their professional services locally hence, the reason they are so environmentally friendly. As they are on a lower scale, they produce lower carbon footprint through factors such as "customers visiting the shop" "reduction of packaging" "and no online deliveries". In a day and age such as this, the environment is worsening, so shopping local will boost sustainability.
In conclusion, all great businesses start off small. It’s the lack of recognition which deprives people off, of not buying from their local stores as bigger businesses have set foundations. As listed above, there are a variety of advantages in supporting small businesses and counting. If we support small businesses now, they'll support our community in the years to come. So, think of it as an investment.

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